Author: David Lindauer
Version: 1.0
Size: 99k
Date: 10/12/03

Released Version 1.0. This is a more stable version of 0.92, with some more bug fixes as well.

LSppp V0.92 is here! This is a major release, a lot of bugs have been fixed and new features added. Among the new features are support for configuration files and support for PPP driver mode. Bug fixes include several fixes to the VJ Compression algorithm, faster connection, fixes to the FIFO queue handling on 16550 UARTs, and some command line switch fixes and additions.

LSppp V0.9 is here! This is minor bug fixes, including a patch to make it work with the latest versions of WATT32 and a patch to fix problems communicating with some Rogue ISPs. I have also re-released LSPPP under the GNU PUBLIC LICENSE.

LSppp V0.601 is now out! Chap support added, all kinds of bug fixes and it now works with the trumpet stack.

Added LSppp V0.3! Fixes arachne incompatibility bugs, adds ability to specify async control map, 'esc' now aborts dialing, assorted other bug fixes, /dm:[phone#] now mutes while dialing.

There were some command line bugs and other small bugs within LSppp that were 57600 baud.

LSppp released! The current version has been debugged and now also autodetects ISP DNS's. Keep in mind that this is an alpha version; it's mainly for testing, don't rely on LSppp.

LSppp homepage created. First working version of LSppp completed; not yet released.

LadSoft HomePage
LSicq; The Dos Icq Clone
W0rm's HomePage
Arachne; DOS Web Browser

All comments, questions, suggestions and the like for both the page and LSppp;

LSppp is a small MSDOS PPP packet driver. It is compatible with the needs most of the available MSDOS FTP stacks.

By default LSppp loads as a class one ethernet driver and handles all aspects of the connection from dialing onward. Optionally, an external dialer may be used to dial an ISP prior to running LSppp; it will detect the carrier and go immediately into internet communications setup. LSPPP may also be used as a standard PPP driver in the style of DOSPPPD

LSppp is capable of auto-configuring WATTCP through the bootp mechanism and will do so automatically. However, for this to work properly LSppp may have to be supplied with name server information. When possible LSPPP will automatically get this information from the ISP, however the configuration steps required to do this are an optional part of the protocol and may not be supported by some ISPs.

LSppp now fully supports configuration files in addition to loading parameters from the environment or command line. Configuration options include user name and password, number to dial, nameserver information, and various options to set up a communications port to use or customize the timeout mechanisms.

The current version does not have a lot of backwards compatibility for old versions of the protocols. If you have problems running it use the undocumented /z switch and send the resulting LSPPP.LOG file to the author for analysis.

LSPPP Copyright (c) LADSoft
November, 2000 - October, 2003
David Lindauer