DosLynx Quick Start Home Page

The DosLynx version 0.44b 32-bit Protected Mode variation has been refreshed with an almost up-to-date OpenSSL library. This brings back its ability to contact most of the Web's "secure" servers. The DosLynx 16-bit executables are also being updated -- so you'll have a set of software that consistently identifies itself as version 0.44b .

These updates again make DosLynx v0.44b the strongest running version(s) of DosLynx, yet!

The Traditional DosLynx v0.44b Package contains DOSLYNX.EXE and all of its supporting files. This is the Real Mode version, recommended for all users. The DosLynx v0.44b Protected Mode Add-On Package contains DOSLYNXP.EXE (the 16-bit Protected Mode executable), DOSLYNXS.EXE (the 32-bit Protected Mode executable), my latest DPMIREVU.HTM document, and several other supporting files. It is recommended for users with systems that can provide DPMI service. That provision will be easy for DOSLYNXS.EXE, because those "supporting files" include CWSDPMI.EXE, an excellent 32-bit DPMI server. Both of these Packages consist of .ZIP files, which may be un-zipped into a single directory without conflict.

There are a couple other readme files for DosLynx. One is the again updated README.HTM which still tells about the original features, command line parameters, and other important stuff. There also is a history file which describes the major changes I've made in bringing DosLynx from v0.43b to v0.44b. The history file also lists some known bugs or missing features. If you find one that isn't there, please e-mail me at the address in this graphic. Finally, Wayne S. Buttles has provided a little cheat sheet listing the key commands to run DosLynx from the keyboard. It includes ones he added. I've brought it up to date and added a second page listing the "DosLynx Control, Movement, and Navigation Keys". And, a third page listing the "DosLynx Keys for Selecting and Clipping".

Remember that you can navigate with your numeric key pad by putting Num Lock ON.

DosLynx no longer contains a built-in graphics viewer. That has been replaced with a swap out and call to DLXVIEW with a parameter naming the .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PCX, .PNG, or .TIF file to be viewed. You may edit DLXVIEW.BAT to invoke your favorite viewer. The Traditional DosLynx v0.44b Package contains a sample DLXVIEW.BAT file which invokes LXPIC (requires CGA+).

As Wayne said: "I have enhanced DosLynx for my own personal enjoyment. . . . I am just releasing my changes to the general public in hopes that it will help some other DOS User. I have made every attempt to keep it compatible with the lowest IBM-Compatible computer so that the greatest number of people can benefit and I will continue to do so as long as I play with the code."

Good luck, and happy browsing.

Fred C. Macall
4 September 2020